Picture 060

My Month in Parma, Italy

5.15.09 Destination Parma

5.16.09 Arrive Parma

5.17.15 First Day in Parma

5.18.09 Cook Like the Italians Do

5.19.09 Meeting Vito

5.20.09 Museo di Parma

5.21.09 Parma Baseball


5.23.09 Cinque Terra

5.24.09 Jam Sesh at Le’ Bistro

5.25.09 Meeting the Mayor

5.26.09 A Visit the Archives

5.27.09 Music at Night

5.28.09 Trip to the Museum

5.29.09 Church Sights

5.30.09 & 5.31.09 A Weekend in Florence

Picture 443


My Travel Buddy

Playful in Pisa

Forever Florence

Peio & the Italian Alps


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